Remember Who You Are

Mary Margaret Love, wife of Bill Love, both long time friends of the family, used to tell us when we were children, “Remember who you are.”  I am not sure just how much thought I gave to that when I heard it, but I remember that it sounded good; it sounded right; it seemed to have something to do with the “wisdom of age.”

Now, at 58, as I face adult sized battles of identity and purpose, confidence and courage, and hope and peace, I go back to those words.

I remember that even Our God has enemies and battles to face, and that he seems to be fearless in spite of terrific opposition.

I wonder if his courage comes from the fact that he knows who he is.  I wonder if he can face lies and threats and hatred because he knows that he is the truth, that he is omnipotent, that he is love.  

I wonder if our confidence and courage can approximate his as we remember that we are his, that we are in him who is the truth, who is omnipotent, who is love.  I wonder if our lives can mirror his as we keep our minds and our eyes focused on his Son.  

I wonder if the battles we face will pale in comparison to the victory celebration when all is won.  I wonder what the top side of this tapestry of life is going to look like.  I wonder if we will have any regrets when we finally make it home.  

I hope that it will be a glorious day of rejoicing and remembrance with no regrets.

~ Brad Heilhecker