A Year’s Sabbatical

What would we do with a year with nothing to do? Would it be a blessing or a curse? Would it be active or passive? Would it be boring or exciting?

Would it be filled with relationships or spent in quiet meditation among the hills and the trees? Would it be filled with scripture and prayer or sleep and television? Would it be God centered or man centered?

What will we do with an eternity of endless days and nights?  

Will we talk, pray, laugh, and play?

Will we run, hide, walk, sit, and lie down in peace?

Will we work, rest, dream, plan, build, and create?

Will we revel in beauty, wonder in mysteries, and soar in majestic heights of glory?

So, instead of planning for a year with nothing to do, maybe we should make plans for an eternity with everything to do.

Men fear eternity will be boring and purposeless.

Maybe this is because our finite minds cannot fully appreciate the infinite.

Infinite time, perfect bliss, unending love.

Maybe it is because we are in love with mortal things like money, fame, and pleasure and wonder what life could possibly be like without these idols.

Maybe it is because we have not come face to face with our creator and been given a vision of the vastness of his being and empire. And, even if we have, maybe we can hardly believe that he wants to share everything that he is and has with us.

Maybe, by God’s grace, we will live and love forever with the same passion and purpose of Our Heavenly Father!

Maybe, just maybe.

~ Brad Heilhecker

2 thoughts on “A Year’s Sabbatical

  1. You would simply hope that year would not be wasted. If I could take a year off work … oh the things I could do for the Lord. Pray, read, give of my time to others … if only given the opportunity! I would try not to have idle hands!

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