Hold On Dear One

Don’t give up

on what I have

promised you

The enemy is

painting pictures

of your demise

His purpose to derail

many assignments

in this season

Many sons and daughters

feel hopeless and distracted

Letting their emotions

and circumstances rule them

Leading them away

from their destiny in Me

I know that the season

has been challenging

Many feel lost and alone

They have given up on hope

They’re waiting for the

fulfillment of many promises

Many feel like they’re

revisiting their

wilderness season

Many are so crushed

by their circumstances

That giving up seems

like the only option

I would ask of you

to hold on

to every promise

That I have made to you

I can see that weariness

has set in

It feels easier

to let go

than to hold on

Looking back over your life

You will see a trail of My faithfulness

My timing is always perfect

I am working on your behalf

although I might seem far away

Keep your focus on Me

Remember what I have

dreamed over you

Hold on

to our secret place encounters

The smokescreen

the enemy is creating

Is meant to distract you

His purpose is to bring

confusion and disillusion

So that you will feel

so weak and throw

in the towel

Remember the thief

only comes to steal

and kill and destroy

His main purpose is

for you to give up

Before you can step

into My promises for you

Don’t allow him to win

Hold on dear one

You are stronger

than you think

Press in

My son’s and daughters

For a new season

is on the horizon

Giving up is not an option

Put your war song on

Worship and dance

in My presence

Every demon has to flee

when My presence

invades your circumstances

It will be imperative

to be patient and to move

with My Spirit

You’re not only

contending for yourself

but for your family

and for My kingdom

Hold on with your last breath

Soon the confusion will lift

The enemy will come

with different challenges

for you to give up

He will turn up the heat

for a reason

He knows his time is up

You have learned valuable lessons

on your journey

Though it was tough

You have grown immensely

The training and trials

was worth it My child

Don’t lose your inheritance

because of impatience

It will be worth the wait

My timing is perfect

Hold on dear one

To our Love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Hold On Dear One

The Journey