Executed Word

The Lord utters his voice before his army,

for his camp is exceedingly great;

he who executes his word is powerful.

For the day of the Lord is great and very awesome;

who can endure it? ~ Joel 2:11 ESV

It never fails, just when I choose to start something healthy and new, in Christ, the enemy tries to bring me down. He tries to tear me down, taking me back to old thinking patterns, past behavior, and dead life. He works to have me believe the lie of others, he brings new enemies my way, and even tries to create a path that I am to follow.

The Lord never fails me, I am reminded that Jesus has more power than the enemy, any person who may come against me, any lie, and any shortfall.

In my marvelous grace, YOU HAVE BEEN SAVED.

Here is my words spoken to the enemy, won’t you ban together and say them with me?

Enemy, you have no power over me. The Lord’s camp is exceedingly great. You can tell me where I don’t measure up, and you can create circumstances for others to try and bring evil against me. However, I just don’t live in that space anymore.

You may try to kill, steal, and destroy, while taking everything out from under me, but here is my truth for you. You cannot take my God, my faith, or my redemption. You can’t remove my purpose that God has designed, nor can you take away my identity in him. You are no test for my God.

You see I am a sinner saved by amazing grace. I am redeemed, and I belong to the Lord. So go about your day, go your ways, they just won’t be tolerated here anymore. In JESUS NAME, amen.

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas