Sharing His Love

She was called many names

Believed it for too long

Attached herself to it

Made it part of her every move

Caught in a web of lies

Held in chains by many enemies

They did not know her

They thought they did

For how can you know someone

without relationship

They went after hearsay

Trapped by jezebel

rebellion and bitterness

She had to pay for the wrongs in their life

The pain they endured

they inflicted on her

It was easier to make her

the scapegoat of their agony

Easier than to deal

with their pain themselves

Her frail body bowed low

by painful words

That flew at her like arrows

There was no one to help her

No one to stop them

She grew weaker and weaker

Till He invaded her life

You told her that You

would give her back her voice

She didn’t even realise

that she was voiceless

She started to write

what her lips could not utter

The words on the paper

Became her silent voice

She found healing through writing

Saw herself through Your eyes

Your love transported her

to dimensions that she never knew

Why didn’t anybody tell her

that she was deeply loved

Your love had the power

to break the enemy’s hold on her life

You nursed her broken heart

Poured oil on her wounds

and hurts that ran deep

She was amazed in the manner

You relate to her

Your gaze awakened

every dead dream and gift in her

She now saw what You knew all along

Her heart was finally free

to experience

Your relentless love

She has found in You

what few will ever find

The veil is torn

She is One with You

Her identity deeply

embedded in You

She only believes

what You speak over her

Your love her dwelling place

Which she freely shares

with the hurt and abandoned

So that they too will taste freedom

and Your heart filled with grace

The accusations and lies

that once controlled her

Has no hold over her

Her cup of suffering

was her training ground

You saw her future

When she saw a mess

The highs and the lows

The detours and dark nights

Led her straight into Your arms

You never let go of her

You made her fearless

You made her strong

She laughs at the future

She will never be alone

You trained her to war

and how to win her battles

While trials formed Your character in her

Through her surrendered life

many will come to know

The One who has captured her heart

You deserve the glory

You brought meaning to her life

She wouldn’t let the sighs

and murmuring stop her

The voice of the enemy

was forever silenced

No one will fully understand

What You have asked of her

They will only see Your heart

moving with her

The world her blank canvas

Which she colours with love

Till everyone experiences

just a taste of Your deep love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Sharing His Love

The Journey