Deep Calls Unto Deep

Walking this road of separation and seclusion

I got used to the stripping and pruning

Used to fires burning the dross away

Used to the cutting away of my ways

of doing things

Used to dying daily

My dreams were put on the shelf

This journey needed my full attention

I couldn’t swerve out to visit my past

I couldn’t swerve out to feel sorry for myself

Time was valuable

Lessons had to be learned

Tests had to be passed

Further and further

I walked away from the ghosts of my past

Religion no more

My hiding place

I yearned for deeper things

Locked in heaven

Pursued by few

Painful seasons

A mere memory now

Of lessons learned

For I found that I could do without many things

But I could never do without Papa in my life

The things of this world really grows dim

The longer we walk with Papa by our side

It’s in our struggles and heartbreak and losses and dark nights

That Papa becomes our closest friend

We start our journey trusting

that Papa will be true to His word

Yet when time draws near

to the fulfilment of His promises

We realise that every “yes” on our journey

Led us straight into Papa’s heart

The place where He wanted us all along

A place where we are mesmerised by only Him

Where we are lost to this world

and what it has to offer

A place where deep calls unto deep

And Papa directs our every move

Here He turns our mourning into dancing

Our pain into unexplainable joy

Our hopelessness into water walking faith

We know how immensely we are loved

By the One named Love

From this place

We live

We move

We abide in Him

Everything is now complete

just by knowing Him.

~Ebigale Wilson

Deep Calls Unto Deep

The Journey