Uncharted Territories

I wish you could see yourself

the way I see you

I wish you could experience

the heights of My deep love for you

I wish you would visit

uncharted territories with Me

Trust Me even when you can’t see

I’ll be your guide

Leading you to quiet waters

I want your heart to beat

in rhythm with Mine

We will go on adventures

We will rule and we will reign

We will do the uncommon

Seize and take back

what was illegitimately stolen

Hand in hand

We will go deeper

Past the calm seas

Deeper still

Where faith becomes your anchor

Where hope becomes your compass

Where love becomes your norm

Waves will crash over you

Trying to derail you

but you will stay strong

Together we will overcome every obstacle

My gaze your only focus

Leading you further into the unknown

I have deposited My heart inside of you

I want you to see yourself the way I see you

I have called you to be brave

Called you to trust Me

Called you to do the impossible

in the midst of every storm

For you no longer live

I have full control

You are valuable

Precious in My sight

Step out beautiful one

Don’t cling to your past

Run your race diligently

Knowing that I will go before you

Making the crooked places straight

Remember that I am your biggest fan

I will never leave your side

My love has set you alight

To do the uncommon

To run with Me into the open seas

Exciting times awaits the burning ones

You are fearless

You are courageous

I have created you to invade and overthrow

the kingdom of darkness

To be brave in the fiercest battles

For it cannot stop you

No one can touch you

You were made to recover

what was stolen for too long

It’s time My sons and daughters

To rise up and step out

and take a hold of My hand

My love will be your norm

Leading you further and further

into the unknown.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Uncharted Territories

The Journey