This Time Of Year

Merriment for some

Foul traffic for others

Pessimism and Optimism

Sister and brother

Poor people richer than

Beggars behind pulpits

We all simply need

The Prince of Peace

Saving us from hurting

Loving us

To our knees

Bringing His fair clarity

Reaching us in our deceit


Send healing

Desperate relief

Blessed One

Teach us


Not only in you

Lord but in

Each other

So we mirror you

Not ourselves

Your Faithful Love

For us

This Time of Year


God with Us



❤~ Krystal Lynne


WORTHY THOUGHT: Reach for the Master

I had a sweet female dog named shelly, she was a mixed spaniel, and Brittany pointer I had her for about 15 years until she recently passed away. I adopted Shelly from a local pet foster home about the age of 6 yrs. The owner said Shelly had been badly abused when she took her in.

When I brought Shelly home it was very obvious she suffered some kind of trauma in her past. She was always frighten of people and loud noises. She would also run or hide under our bed and not come out for a very long time.

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

-Deuteronomy 33:27

It took a lot of understanding, love, and patience to help Shelly. She was starting to heal and trust again after a year. She was still hesitant with certain people but she trusted me and knew I loved her. She knew I was her Master. When she was frighten she would reach to me because she knew I was her refuge and would keep her safe.

We all have suffered some kind of trauma in our past. Maybe even weathering some storms of life right now. God loves us, is always with us, and will never let go of our trusting hands.

We must reach for our Master-for His strength-and His presence.

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.-Deuteronomy 31:8

~ Angela Lipe- Pattengill

Your Biggest Comeback

Tell My precious

sons and daughters

that the battle is Mine

They need only be still

To rest while I fight for them

It’s only when you allow

Me to step in

That you will see

My hand at work

You have tried it your way

It didn’t work

Do it My way

and surely you will see

My goodness

I will go before you

to prepare a table for you

in the presence of your enemies

While they prepare your downfall

I am preparing your comeback

I am anointing you

with the oil of gladness

I am replacing your old robe

With a new mantle of My glory

and favor for the season ahead

Look at the size of your giants

and you will see a glimpse of

where I am taking you

Your enemies were your

doorway to your destiny

The attacks and persecution

Trained you to war and to win

I have given you a glimpse of your future

When I trained you away

from the crowd

You found My perfect will

While you were alone

I am a righteous God

I am watching over

My word to perform it

The afflictions, trials, and pain

was so necessary

You coming out of the fire

with not a smell of smoke

Only My anointing on your life

to do the uncommon

Far above that you could ever comprehend

is waiting for you in this new season

So shake the dust of off you

Say goodbye to the old

My anointing on your life

was worth every sacrifice

I have asked of you

It’s time to embrace the new

Time to gather the spoils

Time to run with Me into everything

That I have prepared for you

The fragrance of heaven clings to you

It is time to dust off your dreams and promises

It will come to pass with ease

You will experience much joy

You are on the doorstep of

your biggest comeback

With your character intact

Representing My heart

I will take you to heights

that you have never been

Thank you dear ones

for not letting go of My hand

Many are the afflictions

of the righteous

But I the Lord delivers them

out of them all!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Your Biggest Comeback

The Journey

Image – Pinterest

Fruitfulness, Fortitude, and a Future

The flesh is prone to fearfulness, faintness, and fantasy. We may turn to imaginations to try and drive away the fear and provide ourselves with a type of strength.

However, in the Spirit, we have access to fruitfulness, fortitude, and a sure future. In Christ, we have all the love, joy, and peace that a heart can hold.

We can be strong and courageous as we keep our minds and our hearts stayed on him. Then, our hope will be renewed with a vision of a prosperous and a peaceful future.

Moment by moment, the choice is ours: will we rest in our faith or give way to fear? It is a constant battle, but one that can be won. And each victory in the battle brings us closer to Our Father’s heart, where our true life is found. He has predetermined that we will overcome; all that we have to do is get in agreement with him, and he will do the rest. An ounce of faith will move a mountain of fear.

We will be patient, gentle, kind, and good, faithful, meek, and self controlled, just like Our Lord. We will bring great pleasure to Our Father’s heart, great encouragement to our friends, and great peace to ourselves.

Isn’t that what the world craves but can’t seem to find?

We have heard it said that Jesus is the answer, and he surely is. He is the answer to the deepest needs in the hearts of every man, woman, and child. He alone can solve the challenges that face us individually and communally.

~ Brad Heilhecker

Scope, Time, Cost, Stakeholder

Using project management terminology, we must all discover the scope, time, cost, and stakeholders of our appointed missions in life.

With whom are we to be involved?  How much are we to be involved?  What is it going to cost us?  And who has a vested interest in our mission?

The scope – How big is our mission field?  To whom are we called to minister the grace of God?

The time – How much time does each relationship need in order to bear good fruit?

The cost – What must I invest in each relationship to ensure the success of the relationship?

The stakeholders – Who is affected either directly or indirectly by my life?

Big questions, but worth asking.

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Seneca wrote, “If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him.”  

Solomon wrote, “A man’s steps are directed by the Lord.  

How then can anyone understand his own way?”  

So, I guess we ask the questions, and then we wait on Our Father to provide the answers in his good time and his good way.  

If this is true, then it behooves us to know Our Father well, since he himself is our ultimate port of call, and he alone knows the way home.

~ Brad Heilhecker

The Ghosts Of Christmas Past

I am no longer haunted by the Ghosts of Christmas past….

Perfection…… pfffst – SO OVERRATED!

I don’t need the best decorated – best made – best placed – best bought anything, anymore.

No crazy buying all year and wrapping for days for this girl. No attics and closets full of decorations.

I simplified – downscaled – and started enjoying my Christmas’s again.

No more materialism run amuck.

It’s simple and satisfying.

Presents are limited and His Presence is abundant.

Being present with friends and family and ultimately with Christ is what it’s all about.

Don’t let others expectations steal your joy.

Give yourself a break this year and give your family the greatest gift of a happy and healthy Mom, Wife, Aunt, Sister, and Friend.

Start a new tradition!

Dare to do something different this year and every year.

Trade all the tinsel and lights for more time with those you love.

Say goodbye to those Ole’ Ghosts Of Christmas Past and make some new memories that are sure to last well into the New Year and many years to come.

~XXOO Michelle Bollom


Worthy Thought: When in doubt; let God reassure you in His Word.




say or do something to remove the doubts and fears of someone.

Reassure me of your promises, for I am your beloved, your servant who bows before you. ~Psalm 119:38 TPT

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

Fear Not

“For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. I give Egypt as your ransom, Cush and Seba in exchange for you.“Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life.” ~Isaiah 43:3-4 ESV

It’s easy to get off track, in life, our relationships, future goals, even in our heart and mind.

We lose valuable time, getting caught up in circumstances that we can’t change. We waste energy trying to fill the areas of our life, especially the empty places, simply because we don’t allow God to be in control of them.

Some of us are even guilty of forgetting that God is on the journey with us.

We all face something at one point or another. We’ve all experienced that one thing we wish could be changed. Nevertheless, God is in control. He is a good Father.

What would today look like if we decided to let go of the things that are weighing us down? Or surrendered the areas of our life that are out of our control? What would life be like if we feared not, trusted God, believing that he will be faithful regardless of the outcome?

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for never leaving me. You redeem me and you love me. I am grateful and I honor you today. In Jesus name. Amen.

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas