Jesus Is The Gift

The Christmas hype is all but over,

with all that rushing about.

The presents have all been unwrapped

and soon Christmas will be all forgotten about.

The stores have packed all the Christmas

trees and tinsel away,

only to bring out next year again.

But if you live for the true purpose of Christmas with the One that was born of God.

Not a wrapped present under a tree,

but a babe in swaddling cloth.

For without the Son of God

there would be no Christmas at all.

Believe in the miracle of Christmas

and accept Him into your heart,

it doesn’t matter to Him when you start,

Then you would find you could have Christmas everyday because Jesus will never part.

Now wouldn’t that be just nice,

to give yourself the gift of Jesus,

the gift that keeps on giving,

He is the One and only perfect gift,

every single time.

He doesn’t cost you anything,

not a cent or one dime.

All He ask is that you put your faith

and trust in Him,

and He will be with you

at every moment in time.

~Karen Turner

December 2017

Jesus Is The Gift