Your Biggest Comeback

Tell My precious

sons and daughters

that the battle is Mine

They need only be still

To rest while I fight for them

It’s only when you allow

Me to step in

That you will see

My hand at work

You have tried it your way

It didn’t work

Do it My way

and surely you will see

My goodness

I will go before you

to prepare a table for you

in the presence of your enemies

While they prepare your downfall

I am preparing your comeback

I am anointing you

with the oil of gladness

I am replacing your old robe

With a new mantle of My glory

and favor for the season ahead

Look at the size of your giants

and you will see a glimpse of

where I am taking you

Your enemies were your

doorway to your destiny

The attacks and persecution

Trained you to war and to win

I have given you a glimpse of your future

When I trained you away

from the crowd

You found My perfect will

While you were alone

I am a righteous God

I am watching over

My word to perform it

The afflictions, trials, and pain

was so necessary

You coming out of the fire

with not a smell of smoke

Only My anointing on your life

to do the uncommon

Far above that you could ever comprehend

is waiting for you in this new season

So shake the dust of off you

Say goodbye to the old

My anointing on your life

was worth every sacrifice

I have asked of you

It’s time to embrace the new

Time to gather the spoils

Time to run with Me into everything

That I have prepared for you

The fragrance of heaven clings to you

It is time to dust off your dreams and promises

It will come to pass with ease

You will experience much joy

You are on the doorstep of

your biggest comeback

With your character intact

Representing My heart

I will take you to heights

that you have never been

Thank you dear ones

for not letting go of My hand

Many are the afflictions

of the righteous

But I the Lord delivers them

out of them all!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Your Biggest Comeback

The Journey

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