Fruitfulness, Fortitude, and a Future

The flesh is prone to fearfulness, faintness, and fantasy. We may turn to imaginations to try and drive away the fear and provide ourselves with a type of strength.

However, in the Spirit, we have access to fruitfulness, fortitude, and a sure future. In Christ, we have all the love, joy, and peace that a heart can hold.

We can be strong and courageous as we keep our minds and our hearts stayed on him. Then, our hope will be renewed with a vision of a prosperous and a peaceful future.

Moment by moment, the choice is ours: will we rest in our faith or give way to fear? It is a constant battle, but one that can be won. And each victory in the battle brings us closer to Our Father’s heart, where our true life is found. He has predetermined that we will overcome; all that we have to do is get in agreement with him, and he will do the rest. An ounce of faith will move a mountain of fear.

We will be patient, gentle, kind, and good, faithful, meek, and self controlled, just like Our Lord. We will bring great pleasure to Our Father’s heart, great encouragement to our friends, and great peace to ourselves.

Isn’t that what the world craves but can’t seem to find?

We have heard it said that Jesus is the answer, and he surely is. He is the answer to the deepest needs in the hearts of every man, woman, and child. He alone can solve the challenges that face us individually and communally.

~ Brad Heilhecker