A Glimpse Of His Heart

To go through betrayal

and humiliation over

and over again

Must have been

so hard on you

You called The prophet of love, Hosea

Yet her love was never yours

Your name means deliverer

Yet you were stuck

in a cycle of rejection

and suffering

Was there ever a time

that you wanted to run

away from the calling

on your life?

That you thought

of giving up?

You must have

been so alone

Many nights and days

Only the voices of your

children looking for their mom

Tears running down their cheeks

You hiding your own

You were forced to be strong

Had to tuck your pain away

to face each day

It made you hard for a while

Till God intervened and

you discovered that there

was purpose in the journey

You wished away

Yes, there were many days

that I wanted to give up

Days that I was so overcome

by my circumstances

Days that my pain

was too much to bear

Everywhere I turned

was a reminder of my life

going nowhere

Many turned their backs on me

They couldn’t see God’s hand

alive in my life

All they could see

was my misery

It was in the midst

of unbearable pain

That I came to know

the love of my God

The God who walked me

through a severe season

of suffering, betrayal and rejection

Most of the time I couldn’t feel

His presence

Nor hear His voice

My focus more on the naysayers

Then on the promises of my God

One day light shone through

My mind was enlightened

My heart gave a leap

For the first time I saw

God’s hand at work in my life

The journey I walked was necessary

Our enemies without knowing

escort us to our destiny

Every lie

Every tragedy

Every one who walked away

They meant it for harm

but God turned it

around for my good

I wouldn’t trade the rejection

The lonely nights

The empty space next to me

I would do it all over

For what I have found

can’t be bought

It’s the road less traveled

Yet filled with His surprises everywhere

God planned my journey

Pain was part of my process

I had to follow His leading

Without reservation

Without question

Obedient even when

my life looked more like a circus

Then that of a prophet

He showed me a glimpse of His heart

Through experiencing excruciating pain

myself I came to know

the heart of the Father

And His deep love for

each one of us

When we sin

we wound His heart

Yet His love for us

compels Him to

never let go of us

Weren’t we all slaves to sin

Before His redeeming love

restored us to the position of His bride?

He hates sin but He loves

the unlovely deeply!

I hear Him say:

Today you can stand tall

in the midst of your accusers

You can withstand the heat of any fire

The severity of any storm

Love had His way in your life

The journey of discovering

My heart for the unlovely was necessary

You will now be able to handle

that which I am about

to bless you with!

~ Ebigale Wilson

“A Glimpse Of His Heart”

The Journey