My Faith Fireball

You know

I hold the whole earth

in My hand

I move the planets

I put the stars in place

I calm the stormy seas

Will any challenge that you’re

struggling with, be too hard for Me?

Or come as a surprise to Me?

No, never My child

I knew you before you were born

I knitted you together in your mother’s womb

I was so excited about your birth

I had so many plan’s and dreams for you

Then life happened

I knew it would

I planned every detour,

Every stop sign I erect

You thought it was for your bad

but I knew it would be

for your good in the end

I only have good plan’s for you My child

Plan’s to prosper and not to harm you

Your future is hidden in Me

Many times your pain and tears

were too much to bear

Many, many times you let go

of My hand because you didn’t know

that there was purpose in your pain

Hadn’t you gone through

the processes of life

You would not have been

the person you are today

I smile when I look at you

I am amazed at the person

you are becoming

You’re like a light in the dark

A safe place for the hurt and rejected

You are My faith fireball

It trickles over to every one

you come into contact with

You step into the unknown territories

Recovering what was stolen

You don’t back down

The processes made you discover

how precious you are

You discovered your strength

in the midst of your pain

Discovered your worth

through rejection and loss

Discovered how valuable you are

when I carried you

through many challenges

Would you have been part

of My endtime bride

if your life was perfect

and without any challenges?

No lessons learned

No growth

Your sword gathering dust

You just walking the earth

without sending demons to flight

No My child,

I am amazed

at how far you have come

There is purpose in your pain

You are ready to reign

in every sphere

you have overcome

You had to go on this journey

To discover your strength in Me

There is no short cuts

My anointing doesn’t come cheap

I ask a high price of My remnant bride

Mantles are released

Joy now your portion

Run with Me into the unknown

Trust Me fearlessly

Together we will slay giants

Set captives free

Bind up the broken hearted

Bring restoration and healing

We will do the uncommon

Before I return

Hold tightly to Me

So that no one will take your crown.

~ Ebigale Wilson

My Faith Fireball

The Journey

Image from Pinterest