A Legacy Of Victory

I see you My daughter

At times it might feel

That I am far away

That I have left you

to fend for yourself

Don’t ever think that you are alone

That you are not loved

That I have forgotten about you

I am working behind the scenes

Under the surface, where you cannot see

Trust My plan’s even when

you don’t understand

My way’s are higher than your ways

And My thoughts higher than your thoughts

I am doing a complete work in your situation

I am dealing with generational issues

That were left unattended for too long

Eliminating every plot and plan of the enemy

So that you and generations to come

Will be free from everything

that has kept you in chains

My bride was blinded and robbed

by the evil one

Thinking that living a life of defeat

was her portion

My bride will arise

and take her place

She will walk in love

She will know her worth

As she takes up her authority

The atmosphere will shift

Darkness will have to flee

Because My bride will know

her position in Me

Trust My plan’s even when

it grows darker around you

Know that I will never

leave or forsake you

I am with you every step

on the path you are on

Together we will take back

what was stollen

Destinies were derailed

Dreams hijacked

Families left to bleed

My church asleep

While the enemy works

overtime for her defeat

Cling to the promises I spoke over your life

It’s like two scales

One scale filled with My promises

On the other scale the enemy

stacks his stories and pictures

of doom and gloom

Focus on My side

I will be true to My word

You are a fighter!!

Demons know your worth

Why don’t you?

They also know that victory is your portion

So don’t allow anyone to steal

what God has planned for you

You have hosts of angel’s at your disposal

My word in your mouth

Ready to consume

whatever is in your way

Worship your way through transitioning

Let our secret place moment’s

be your guide to victory

It’s time to rise up

It’s time to take back

Time to invade

the kingdom of darkness

Take back what was stollen

My church has awakened

She is positioning herself

To rule and to reign

A new day has dawned

Feel the excitement in your spirit

Soon you will give birth to all My promises

Joy will be your portion

You will leave a legacy

of triumph and victory

A legacy of blind faith

I will not disappoint you

Together we will change the future for generations to come.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Legacy Of Victory

The Journey