She didn’t know You

Her life filled with

agony and despair

It ruled her mind and heart

No sign of freedom

Only frustration and hopelessness

Surviving each day was her mission

She never knew joy

She never knew peace

She never knew the meaning of

Your unrelenting love

Then one of Your endtime bride’s

came her way

She was bedazzled with

Your presence flowing

from your daughter

It captured her attention

Drew her to a place

that her feet has never tread

The words on Your daughter’s lips

Were like oil to her wounds

Covering every waste place

Healing her every scar

For the first time she felt loved

For the first time she knew her worth

Your love filled every bare place in her life

Every void was erased

With one look into Your eyes

She was forever captivated

by the Love of her life

Her heart was finally free

Her search was over

She was complete

the day she found You

She now knows that You

were the One pursuing her

When she was lost and alone

With no future in sight

You left everything else

to search for her

You put all her broken pieces

back together

Mended her broken heart

She never knew freedom

till she met You

Your love awaken her dead dreams and gifts

She is a prayer warrior

Your presence her dwelling place

Where she intercedes for other’s

to experience Your grace

She fights side by side

with her King

She doesn’t back down

Every lost soul important

There is no time to waste

Her position in Christ

makes her fearless

Fighting in the frontlines

She takes back what

was captive for year’s

She is lost to the world

Consumed by Your love

Only because

one of Your daughter’s

took the time

To show her

her worth

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey