Worthy Thought: Don’t let petty people distract you from your purpose.

There is no competition in Christ.

We are all the same at the foot of the cross.

Someone else’s win is not your defeat.

You never rise up by knocking others down.

I believe collaboration is so much more beneficial and effective than competition in reaching the hurting and broken world for Christ.

I love to promote and encourage others.

I love to connect and collaborate with others.

Sadly, I have found very few that are willing to do the same. I have seen many many self promoters with very few True Kingdom promoters.

Newsflash: Pettiness is NEVER pretty!

Don’t return evil for evil – just dust off your feet and stay focused on Jesus. Don’t let others distract you from your great big purpose!

Remember ….Where there is envy, jealousy, rival, contention and strife there is also EVERY chaotic, evil, vile and perverse thing.~ James 3:16

~XXOO Michelle Bollom