Unknown Adventure 

She laughed her way 

into my life

She is a bundle of joy

Wrapped in His abundant love

She is passionate about life

Wisdom on her tongue

Peace part of her makeup

Love the essence of her excistence

Which she shares with everyone 

she comes into contact with

There’s a glow on her face

A sign of the heavenly places she visits

When she talks about her Bridegroom

She takes me to places 

I wish I could visit

She leaves me hungry for what is her norm

I am breathless by just hanging on her lips

It was her wilderness season

That brought her to this place 

of total dependency on her Bridegroom 

She smiles when she think back to a time

not so long ago

When she was wrapped in her past 

and her pain

He extended an invitation to her

She had nothing to lose 

Her life had no meaning

She made the decision to trade 

her pain and her fears

For an unknown adventure 

with her Heavenly Bridegroom

She has discovered something 

only a few of us will ever experience

She lives at a night shelter

It is there where I have met her

She has nothing of earthly value

in the eyes of the world

Yet, she is richer than most of us will ever be

She knows Father, Son and Holy Spirit intimately

He is the air she breathes

He is every song that she sings

Knowing Him, makes life worth living

She tells me that the One she loves

Desires to take all of His 

son’s and daughter’s

On a love journey with Him

He extends this invitation to all

Yet, most of us are so focuced 

on our pain and issues

That we miss this life changing 

journey with Him

I thirst for what she has found

Love the realm she lives from

Love the lenses she looks through

Love the shape of her heart

Love the One she adores

She can never go back to the woman she was

Now that her Bridegroom 

has ravished her heart

The heartbeat of her Bridegroom 

is what she is becoming

Releasing the fragrance of heaven 

wherever she treads.

~ Ebigale Wilson