Honor Him By Your Beauty 

Let the king be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.” ~ Psalm 45:11

Wounds hurt. Pain doesn’t feel very good when it is experienced. In fact, I have found it challenging to focus on anything else when I have been in pain. Relief was my desire. 

You and I know that pain isn’t always physical. Broken relationships can produce similar feelings and emotions. It never fails, in the middle of the commotion, our hearts expose the truth that is there. We can get consumed, finding an immediate need for relief, instead of praying for an opportunity to find a solution to the issue at hand. We allow our emotions to dictate our reactions. When we are hurting, we choose to move towards those we love, or we walk away from them. 

Forgiveness can seem challenging, yet the reality shows that holding onto anger, and hurt is more of a challenge. It isn’t always easy to walk towards beauty when circumstances or people seem rejecting, ugly, or down and out cruel. However, we are called to love people despite any fractured pieces that may exist. Jesus did that precisely for me, and he did that for you. When we were worthy of nothing, he gave his life so that we could experience everything through him. 

Wouldn’t it make sense that even amidst the turmoil of this world, that Jesus already exchanged it with his goodness? Even before his death, by deception from his most intimate relationships, Jesus chose to love

It is through his sacrifice that we have an opportunity to walk into his presence while mirroring his beauty. The answer is simple; we have the freedom to choose, love today and be beautiful. By doing this, we honor our lord. 

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us the opportunity to choose to be more like you. I am so grateful that you never walked away from any of us. Please help us to forgive so that we might find the beauty in our relationships. May the essence of what we demonstrate to others be a reflection of who you are. Thank you for loving us right where we are and finding us beautiful despite our imperfections.

Baring His Beauty 

Tiffany Thomas