Scared Straight 

Have you ever been scared straight?  

Most of us have been scared senseless, but maybe only a chosen few ever get scared straight.  

I mean seeing the war in the heavens and on the earth where people’s very souls are at stake and feeling the immensity of the importance of our personal obedience to the success of God’s kingdom work in our sector.  

Understanding that battles can be won or lost based on the small act of obedience of a single soldier.  

Understanding that our lives may be the determining factor in someone’s eternal destiny.

Too heavy, you may say. Maybe so. Maybe God’s got it all worked out where he doesn’t need our help or anyone’s help.  
He is just going to preach the gospel himself, appear to everyone in their dreams, and just sweep everyone into the kingdom. He’s God, right?  

And we are small, finite, limited, flawed vessels that seem to break under stress sometimes. Better that he send some angels down here to do the work. What else do they have to do, anyway? And we can do what we do best.  
We can go to church, go to work, and then go to sleep. Why rock the boat? Why mess with a good thing? Nobody is bothering me, so why should I bother them? Let’s all just “Go along to get along.”

Or, maybe, I will take a stand. I will find out what I am designed to do in the kingdom, and I will do it. I will pray earnestly for the kingdom to come. I will surrender my life to Christ to be used by him as he sees fit. I will comfort, encourage, and strengthen others. I will forgive my enemies; I will love my neighbor as I love myself, and I will yoke myself to Christ and walk beside him through “hell and high water.” Maybe. Just maybe.

              ~ Brad Heilhecker