In Deeper Measures 

Many of my son’s and daughter’s 

Went on journey’s with Me

You were so hurt and broken

Grieved in your spirit

With so many questions, unanswered 

Yet you chose to stand strong 

Amid so many struggles

Amid the enemy haunting 

and taunting you

Amid voices all around 

Telling you to give up

To let go of your faith

Some of you were so broken and battered

You longed for this season to come to an end

Yet you held on to Me with your last strength

Your journey brought you to a place of 

letting go of your preconceived 

ideas and beliefs

To a place of surrender and giving 

Me full reign in your life

You came to a place few have experienced

You knew that I would always be true 

to My word

That what I have promised you 

in the midnight hour 

would come to fruition

I can still see you

On your knees, worn out

Your clothes filthy of all the fierry darts 

coming your way

Crawling, with no strength

Yet you held on to what I have promised you 

in dreams, visions, My word and through 

My servants the prophets

These promises were like crutches helping you to move forward into My purposes for you

And now My precious children

You have come to know Me

In deeper measures

You can relate with Job

when he said ‘ I had only heard 

about you before, but now I have seen 

You with my own eyes’

For truly you have seen 

and experienced Me on your journey

You know Me in measures 

you never would have

had you not gone this route

Today you are stronger 

than you have ever been

My love pulled you through 

many nights and days

When you wanted to give up 

My new season of Joy and of Love 

is upon you My loved one’s 

Thank you for fighting the good fight of faith

Thank you for clinging to Me

Thank you for believing 

that I would be true to My word

I love you with an all consuming

marvellous love

You have made it!!!

In a vision I saw how Papa was handing out either a new mantle, crown or trophy to His beloved son’s and daughter’s in this new season that is upon us.

Mantles: 2 Kings 2:13

He also took up the mantle of Elijah that has fallen from him.

Crowns: Psalm 132:18

His enemies I will clothe with shame, but upon himself his crown shall shine

Trophies/Prize: 2 Timothy 2:5

Also if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not win the prize unless he competes according to the rules.

~ Ebigale Wilson