How Our Father Keeps Us From Our Sin

Sin shall not be our master, for we are not under law but under grace. If we were just handed a list of dos and don’t and told to obey the list, we would fail miserably, just like the people of God in the Old Testament.  

However, our covenant is better.  

Our Father tells us now: “Keep your eyes on Christ, and let him live through you”.  

It is a far better covenant, and yields sweet fruit, if we will only surrender our lives to Christ.

As part of the covenant, we are given great and precious promises that we can depend on. We are told that we are now children of God, that we will never die, that God will never leave us or forsake us, and that he will keep us from stumbling and present us blameless before him with great joy.  

As we learn and rely on these promises, our faith and our love grow, and we leave behind our former lives with all the accompanying sin and devastation. 

So, our victory in this life depends on our cooperation with Our Father, Our Lord, and the Holy Spirit.  

Yes, there is discipline and chastening, but there is also light, love, joy, and peace waiting for us at the end of every trial. Eternity calls and waits for the full adoption of every child of God. Bliss awaits us; immortality and Christlikeness are our destiny. Our Father will not be denied; he will have his family with him and beside him, to enjoy them forever! 

          ~Brad Heilhecker