Wait In Hope 

We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. ~ Psalm (33:20) NIV

At a time where things are in chaos, and many situations undermine the value of life, tranquility is a place that we can be present by knowing that Jesus was the embodiment of peace. 

God didn’t create us, with a filter, nor to be spiritually settled in violence, hardship, pain, or death. These things, by themselves, are unfathomable. Our world is overflowing in sin. The only way to embrace life here on earth, considering it for what it is, is by acknowledging that Jesus is our the bridge to eternal life. Life doesn’t stop here on this planet. 

We have to determine whether or not we will trust in the existence to which is almighty and everlasting. It is up to you and me to accept the peace that Jesus offers. Life is not guaranteed here; it is only but a vapor. Nevertheless, we have to keep moving forward and not get stuck in what we are unable to change. Being faithful is a foundational step that produces a significant peace within. 

Dear Father, we are waiting for you. Many of us are experiencing a time where seems impossible to find any comfort in the day. We find it burdensome to hear about another headline, news story, or tragedy. Some of us are carrying wounds in our heart. It is grueling to think about another day of pain. Lord, we are faithful to you and trust that you are coming. We will be steadfast while preparing for you take us home. May the suffering on this earth end soon. Hear our cries; comfort our heart while we wait. In your Precious Name, Amen.

Baring His Beauty

Tiffany Thomas