A Tried And Tested Bride 

You are on the battlefield 

You have been wounded 

to the point of death

No strength left 

in a body so frail

The enemy laughing 

in your face

‘Why are you still holding on!!!’ 

‘Surrender!!!’ he shouts

You look past him

hoping to find a way of escape

Your armour dented

Your heart and body even more 

Desperation grips your heart

Darkness all around

Nothing to hold on to

Maybe you should give in 

to his demands

You are so weak

This time around 

the battle was at its fiercest

It was as if every demon 

was sent your way

The pain your body endured

almost crippled you

Your mind bruised 

by the endless voices 

Trying to convince you 

to give up

To let go of your God 

and His promises 

You put one foot 

in front of the other

Trying to find a glimmer of light

Too weak to war

Too weak to even pray

You feel defeated

Maybe you should just surrender

Then all of a sudden 

Light entered the scene

You fall to the ground and 

Papa is right there to catch you

You have made it My daughter‘ He says,

Made it?’ you whisper back in unbelief

Yes, you have made it My child!

You went through many afflictions and trials

Many times My heart ached for you

but I had to step back

You had to learn valuable lessons 

on your journey

Lessons that will now 

be your greatest weapons

You were so brave and 

My heart bursts with pride

I am coming for a Bride 

that has been tried and tested 

in the worst conditions

A Bride that will put Me first

despite her pain

Laying down her agenda

To embrace Mine

A Bride who burns with My love

Everywhere she goes 

she leaves a trail of My heart

For in the valley, storm and fire 

My heart was birthed in her

The afflictions that was sent 

couldn’t stop her

Weak, tired, scared

She persevered 

You held on to Me 

with all of your strength 

You never gave up

when the enemy tortured you

You never gave in to other’s opinions of you

You knew that this was a Kingdom fight

That I was with you in the valley 

That I was with you in the storm

That I was with you in the fire

Though the enemy wanted to convince you

that you were all alone

You went through persecution

rejection and humiliation 

With so much grace

You carried your cross 

with a smile on your face

You didn’t allow your flesh 

to rule and to reign

You walked in My power

My words in your mouth

Distracted by no one

There’s too much to do

The kingdom of darkness is waiting 

to be uprooted, destroyed and overthrown

My Kingdom is now alive within you

You know who you are

How much you are loved

You worshipped and prayed 

your way through the valley

In the storms and the waves

your calling was hidden

The fire that tried to burn you

Made you burn with My love

My daughter you started this journey

Scared and alone

With only My promises to hold on to

Faith, hope and love

Guiding you 

I am in awe of the person 

you have became

You are courageous and bold

My container of love

For surely generations will be affected 

by the display of your relentless love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Tried And Tested Bride 

      The Journey