The Overflowing Life 

Someone wrote, “The overflowing life doesn’t just happen; it is only when our thirst is quenched, when we are filled ourselves, that the life of God flows through us to others.”  

If that is true, and I think that it is, then how do we get enough of God in us that he flows effortlessly out of us?  

That is the million dollar question. 

I suppose the answer is in the form of another question, “Do we even want the life of God to flow freely through us to meet the needs of others?”  

Someone said that there are many takers if it is a question of God doing something for us, less participants if it is a question of God doing something in us, and even less when it is a question of God working something through us.

So, I guess the answer to the question is that it is a matter of learning.  

First, we learn to let God do stuff for us, then we learn to cooperate with him as he works character in us, and finally we surrender ourselves to be used by him to help others.  
This requires time, patience, and cooperative effort, and many do not have the heart for it. So, we may join the status quo, and surrender to the system that requires seminary degrees as a passport for service, and leaves the rank and file members as consumers. It is safe and sanitary, but sterile.  

Everybody gets taught, but few learn.  
Everybody eats, but few grow.  
Everybody is alive, but few really live.

The only other option is to leave the pack behind and blaze our own trail, or at least search out the trail left by Christ himself.  

It is still there, even if it is almost obscured by centuries of very little use. A cross is at the beginning of the trail, and it is not Christ’s cross; it is ours. And crosses produce death – death to self and selfish ambitions.

  “Life abundantly” is Christ’s promise for those of us who travel this trail. For those who want adventure, it is the last frontier. 

For those who want life, it is the life of Christ himself.  

For those who want security, there is no safer place to be than in the center of God’s will. For those who want significance, there is no greater honor bestowed than when the Creator of All says, “Well done, good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your master.”

~ Brad Heilhecker