She is His darling daughter 

Her beauty was perfected in the wilderness 

Living a surrendered life

Obedience even unto death 

Papa asked of her

She couldn’t refuse the desires of her King

Material things are not important to her

She is lost to this world 

and what it has to offer

His Kingdom her focus

His presence her pursuit

His voice blows on her heart 

Every second of the day

Preparing her

Perfecting her

Equipping her

For her highest calling

She had to go on this journey 

with Her Bridegroom

They visited the wilderness

She was weak

but He is strong

When she wanted to give up

He held her up

He wouldn’t let her run back to her past

Screaming, hurt, angry at times

She persevered

Till she came to that place 

of complete surrender

She was stronger than

her past haunting her

She couldn’t give up

She could never give in

He was preparing her to slay giants

Preparing her to find her identity 

forever hidden in Him

She couldn’t let him down

She went all in

Found her purpose in her mess

Her strength on the battleground

Eliminating giant’s one by one

She could do what He said

Weak or strong

He held her hand

He wiped her tears

He was strong

when she couldn’t go on

He purifies us

in the worst of conditions

Till we come to that place 

of radical obedience

Where it is only about 

the desires and requests 

of our King

We dissappear in the background

Humbly, stripped of our flesh

To only His will

We know that as His bondservants 

we have no rights

We have no will

His Kingdom our focus

We speak

We move

We live

Only in agreement 

with our King

Whatever sacrifices, He ask of us we will bring

Kicking and screaming, but we will be obedient

We have to look like our King

to experience His glory

He invaded our lives

He moved in

Coming up out of the wilderness

We lean on Him

Stripped of our old nature

Perfected in the wilderness

We represent our King

We have no rights

We have no will

We gladly surrender to this 

faith walk with our King.

~ Ebigale Wilson 


 The Journey