The Heart Of The Matter 

Ah, these times are so uncertain

There’s a yearning undefined

And People filled with rage

We all need a little tenderness

How can love survive in such a graceless age?…

There are people in your life

Who’ve come and gone

They let you down

You know they hurt your pride

You better put it all behind you baby

‘Cause life goes on

You keep carryin’ that anger

It’ll eat you up inside baby…

I’ve been tryin’ to get down

To the heart of the matter

Because the flesh will get weak

And the ashes will scatter

So, I’m thinkin’ about forgiveness


Don Henley The Eagles – Heart Of The Matter 

Recently a friend posted this and said this song will preach….. I fully agree! 

          ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 
Check out the video and really read the lyrics.