Oh I Still …

Oh I still remember this date although we haven’t celebrated each other for a good while now 

Oh I still ponder how offense crept in and envy coupled with life’s storms unraveled the bond we once shared

Oh I still believe that one pressed in to Him at all costs and one chose to become bitter by the hand they were dealt

Oh I still mourn the happier memories but also have come to realize many were not as authentic and genuine as they appeared

Oh I still pray that they will take off their performance pretend perfect masks they wear and admit they took Satan’s bait and get free

Oh I still count the blessings of what I have now gained through the hard lesson that this pain caused me 

Oh I still choose to forgive them fully knowing hurting people hurt people and some choose opinions more than their obedience to God

Oh I still praise God and put Him first over anyone and everything, trusting His protection that comes through rejection

Oh I still would not change a thing….


Oh I still know that not everyone can go where God calls us and some have to be left behind so that we can truly learn to fly. 

              ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 
             Lead Image from Pinterest 

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