She Still Has Hope

I look at her in amazement

I am familiar with her story

A journey filled with despair

betrayal and rejection

Once again her heart was shattered 

Tear-stains the only sign

she visited her past again

She smiles vaguely

Her eyes light up

When I ask her how she is doing

She softly whispered ‘I still believe’ 

‘That the God I serve will be true to His word’

‘I still have hope’

I look at her in disbelief

Many questions flooding my mind

Words stalling on my lips

Holy Spirit won’t allow me 

To speak my mind

I am treading on holy ground

I can sense His presence all around

She still has hope

She still believes

Though her current situation looks hopeless

She chooses to believe 

In a God who became her safe place

Lovingly leading and guiding her into His rest

Assuring her that He will always 

come through for her

She clings to His words

It saved her from herself

Time after time

She wipes her face

His peace like a cloud covering her

The wisdom on her tongue

Tells me she knows Whose she is

She invites me into their sacred place

Where she escapes to

Whenever life tries to suck the life out of her

She knows that life is a journey

With ups and downs

Detours and rocky paths

Happy time’s and sad time’s

She is just a passenger passing through

How she deals with the bittersweet times

Should leave a legacy of His love 

And grace behind

Transforming her into His image

And not the other way around

In the background I hear the song

Thy will be done’

And I cringe inside

I am so far from where my heavenly Dad

would want me to be

I still struggle with the hardness of my heart

I judge so easily

I don’t look at people the way 

my Dad looked at me

When I was so deep in my sin

May Daddy brought me to the

place of surrendering

So that only His will

will be done in my life

She knows no fear

Even when life’s not 

treating her fairly 

She doesn’t look at the condition 

of her circumstances

How dreadful and hopeless it seems

She knows that if He came through for Job, Joseph, Naomi and Esther

He will definitely come through for her

He has invaded her life

Time after time

When the pain and betrayal 

was to much to bare

He was the One pulling her through

Singing lovesongs over her

Building her faith

Today she is His warrior daughter

She never looses a battle 

when He is by her side

She gets up

Switch’s on the kettle

Turning to me, smiling, saying:

‘It is not about my pain, it’s about what He needs to accomplish through my life’‘It’s all about His Kingdom, I am just a vessel’

She still has hope

She still believe that the God she serves 

will be true to His word.

~Ebigale Wilson


   The Journey