Me Or TheeĀ 

The call has come. The game has begun. The rules have been explained. The outcome has been determined. Now is the hour of decision. Will we play by the rules and win, or will we ignore the rules and risk defeat?  

It seems simple enough; any wise individual will make the right choice. Or so you would think.

The game is life. We are all called to play. Christ is the rule maker. If we play by his rules, we gain entry into his kingdom. If we play by his rules, we win. 

Ah, there is the rub – his rules, his kingdom.  

What if I want to play by my rules and rule my kingdom? That is always an option, and many are those who make that choice. It is exhilarating – we get to be the king or the queen, and everybody else gets to be our subjects. What fun! Or is it?  

What if nobody wants to play by our rules? What if nobody wants us to be the king or the queen? What if everybody wants to be the king or the queen?  

Houston, I think we have a problem.

So, we acquiesce, and allow Jesus to be the King. Immediately, he makes us princes and princesses and gives us heavenly responsibilities in his kingdom. He gives us his name, and he shares his glory with us. Everything that he has he shares with us – his heart, his mind, his wisdom, and his wealth.  

He gives us time and opportunity to work with him building an everlasting kingdom where love and peace reign. Ultimately, we get to move into the eternal mansions that we helped build with our lives of service. All of our efforts in time turned into riches that will endure forever. All because we decided to play by the rules!

         ~ Brad Heilhecker