Kingdom Of Heaven 

What about you and me, Lord? Tell me about you and your love for humanity. Tell me about your kingdom. Tell me about you.

You are living your life in and through me. You suffer greatly for your children to turn to you and be saved. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom of love and light. You are love and light.

Heaven will be a big family reunion where everyone has good news to tell, and everyone is thrilled to be with everyone else. You will be at the center of everything, yet it will all be about us and how we came to know you. We will love and worship you even as we delight in being with one another. There will be singing and dancing and hugging and kissing even as we are praising and delighting in you, unhindered from any and all concern.

On earth, we can find heavenly experiences, as we yield to your working in our hearts, as we pray for one another, praise and bless one another, and comfort and encourage one another. You will come and make your home in our hearts and minds and bodies. You will whisper your secrets to us, hug and kiss us, and direct our thoughts, prayers, and actions. You will heal us from all of our fears, anxieties, and infirmities. You will guide us in all of your ways. You will strengthen us with faith, hope, and love.

                ~Brad Heilhecker 

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