I know the storms are raging 

all around you My daughter

I would want you to keep 

your eyes focused on Me

You are on a threshold of 

A new beginning in Me

Steady your heart

Steady your mind

Know that I go before you 

through every storm 

You are never alone

Don’t look so confused

Don’t let your challenges 

rule your emotions

You should be so hidden in Me

Know that when the waves 

come crashing over you

I will protect you

I will hold you up 

When you feel like giving up

I will be the strong One

while you rest in Me

I will intercede for you

Nurse your shattered heart 

back to life

Building your faith

Restoring your hope

There is always a reason for storms

I see further than you

I want you to take back 

what the enemy has stolen

It can only happen when 

I am your focus

and not your storm

Trust Me completely 

to come through for you

Soon you will look back 

at every storm that was 

sent to break you

You will see the hidden treasures

You will experience deep growth

You will find that every storm

brought you closer to your purpose

It made you fearless

Totally dependent on Me

I will make everything beautiful 

in the fiercest storms

It’s in the unknown that I am found

The challenges that the enemy 

sends to destroy you

Will catapult you into your destiny

If you keep your focus on Me

And not the wind and waves

Trying to distract you

 I am doing a new thing

Give up your plans for Mine

I am coming for a Bride sold out to Me

Even if it means losing everything

to be One with Me

The hurts, losses and chalenges of this world 

is for a fleeting moment

To be with Me forevermore

will be your greatest gain

I test hearts

I turn up the heat in the furnace

You will find Me faithful

As you always did

A new beginning awaits you in your storm

I will be your rear guard

Holding you close when 

the tides break over you

Rewriting your story of 

hopelessness and despair 

To a story of a bride who trusted Me 

with her whole life

Lifting you up over the currents

Hiding you under My wings

when the winds and waves rage all around you

I will calm the storms within

And command them to be still

You will be My water walking bride

Stepping out of your sinking boat

To run on waves with Me.

Ebigale Wilson 


The Journey 

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