Greater Love 

His love is an ocean,

It’s unending;

Man writes love in the sand,

But God’s love is stronger

And washes it away,

Keeping me safe

From pain trying to destroy me;

Man can’t satisfy my soul

Only God can;

This world is broken,

But I don’t extract love from it

Cause it’s corrupt

And doesn’t last;

God’s love is real

And lasts forever,

I can’t deny it;

Without His love 

I’m climbing and falling

Off the cliff into gravitating depths of darkness;

With His love

I’m jumping off the cliff,

Into His deep love waiting for me 

Cause I want to be submerged

In His goodness and mercy,

Be in His total presence;

To bleed an ocean of love 

To those around me

Who don’t know Him,

But are craving for something more

Than this world has to offer;

God’s love is deep

Man’s love is surfaced

Only one is eternal 

And doesn’t fail;

I can’t fathom it,

But I’m not suppose to

I need only accept it;

His love is greater 

Than the world’s 

And for that, I am thankful;

Without God’s love

I would be unlovable,

Enslaved to darkness

And death,

A victim forever,

Paying for my own sin,


Unseen and unheard,



His ocean dissolves fear,

Giving me peace 

And filling me up with His truth;

I know who I am 

And whose I am;

This world has nothing for me,

But His love for me

Enables Him to be all that I need Him to be;

He’s my good, good Father,

My deliverer,

Strength when I’m weak,

Peace in the storm;

He gives me







And life;

I love because He first loved me

~Bethany Anne