Come Away 

You have met her

I know you have

She is a breath taking portrait of 

the One she represents

When she enters a room

All eyes are on her

Not because of her beauty, but

His presence that flow’s from her

She is as gentle as a lily

Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense

It clings to her wherever she goes

She is as beautiful as a sunset over the ocean

She is a women of faith

Wrapped in His joy

She glows with His glory

She is entangled in His love

She knows her Bridegroom intimately

She made the secret place her

dwelling place

Where she is changed daily into 

His image

She knows when to speak

She knows when to be silent

He trained her to be fearless

He made her strong

He shares with her His secrets

In turn she shares, His heart with His bride

She is His gentle warrior daughter

She knows when to fight and when to retreat

Knowing that her King goes before her

He is her keeper

The One who never slumbers nor sleeps

She trust in Him

To do the impossible

While she shares His heart with all that she meets

She brings hope to the hopeless

Wisdom flows from her lips

She has a child-like faith

that sets her apart and warms Papa’s heart

Every time He looks at her

She amazes Him with her passionate love for Him

A quiet love, a gentle love

Yet it has the capacity to move


She is captivated by the love of 

her King

Her identity engraved in Him

He said to her “Rise up, my love, my fair one, 

And come away

She willingly obeyed

And with one look of her eyes

She has ravished the heart of 

her King.

~ Ebigale Wilson 

   “Come Away” 

    The Journey