Live To Give 

Godliness is good. 

Godliness with contentment is even better. 

Love is good. 

 Agape love is even better. 

When do we get to the point that all we desire from God is God himself? 

 When do we learn that all we need from one another is to just be with one another, learning to accept and encourage one another?

It is enough that our lives bring pleasure and blessing into the heart of God and into the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We love it when those we love do something to bless us. So, how much more should we set our hearts on blessing others? 

We know that Our God is a loving and giving Father. What if we reciprocated and learned to love and give to him? How wise would that be?

We can have Christmas any time, even in August, if only we concern ourselves with helping and blessing those we love and those that love us. 

 We can experience heaven always, as we learn to worship and exult in Our Father and Our Savior, just because they are worthy of our love and adoration.

Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. 

 Let us live to give.

~ Brad Heilhecker