The Journey 

You were hiding too long in the cave

The sunlight now blinds your eyes

I know you must have been so alone

Away from all things familiar

To be taken away, on an unknown journey

With only His voice and His heart 

guiding your path

This journey was set out for you 

from the beginning of time

Looking back over your life

You felt like you failed in many areas

His grace tells you it was part 

of His plans for you

You couldn’t understand 

when your life came crashing down 

like a house built on sand

You had so many questions

While He seemed silent

He knew that 

He would restore you

Mind, body and soul

More beautiful than 

you have ever been

He was by your side 

through your darkest nights

Though your pain told you

you were alone

He was your light and your strength 

when you could not go on

The lifter of your head, your best friend

He calmed your raging storms within

He fought for you, when you didn’t even know

This journey that was meant to break you

made you stronger

You now know how to war 

and win battles

Yet you still know how to love 

and to care

You now know the One 

who goes before you

The One who leads you 

into His perfect rest

Looking back at your journey

The up’s and the down’s

The detours you took

The hurt in your heart

The questions on your lips 

You now know that sometimes 

our foundations must crumble

To give way for His plans 

to come alive in our lives

When we let go and surrender

He makes everything beautiful

in His time

We can trust the process

when He is in control

The wilderness was your fruitful place

You have found your identity 

amidst the battles raging

Found your Bridegroom 

to be a covenant keeper

Found your purpose 

in the midst of the storm

Arise this day and leave your cave

I have stripped you of everything 

to have My way

I had to test the condition of your heart

For I am coming for a bride 

without spot or wrinkle

Lean into Me, my bride, my beautiful one

You have paid the price

to be One with Me

You are My delight

I will come for you.

~ Ebigale Wilson