One Encounter 

I was the woman 

with an issue of blood

You have read about me 

in the bible pages

Let me tell you my story 

of finding my healing 

at the feet of the 

Giver of Life

I had an issue 

with my blood 

for 12 years

Don’t we all have our issues?

Our pain, fears and hurts

that we never deal with

We just hide it under a pile of smiles

Put on our masks and off we go

We don’t have time to deal 

with heart issues

We push it to the side

Replace it with our “drugs”

There’s no time for healing 

we have a role to play

We put on our bling 

and off we go

Further and further away 

from the One 

we need most

We go through life

trying to make the best 

of our circumstances

Trying to impress people 

who really don’t care

While He lingers 

in the background

Trying hard to 

catch our attention

Then one day we see 

the reflection of our demons 

in the next generation

We didn’t want to eliminate them

Now they’re staring us in the face

Like me at the beginning 

I did try to find my healing

Looking back now

it was at all the wrong places

My issues got bigger

The drugs that were my safe place 

Could not numb my pain any longer

No one could help me

my condition got worse

The shame was too much to deal with

I couldn’t stand the whispers

I was alone many days and nights

With my mind a battleground

Would anyone come to my rescue?

Would a new day dawn over my shame?

Would I ever be free from these demons haunting me?

I didn’t know it would come to this

Where all my options would run out

No one to turn to

Today I know it was 

a setup from God

All along He waited for me 

to search for Him

Just when I wanted to give up

I heard about this Jesus 

coming to our town

Who raised the dead 

and healed the sick

Who loves on the broken 

and wayward ones

Whose love for us is 

stronger than death itself

I had to find my way 

through the crowd

There were many others like me

but they weren’t nearly as desperate as me

I knew I had to be relentless in pursuing Him

What did I have to lose anyway?

The stares, the sighs, the voices 

could not stop me

I had to press through 

and touch Him

For too long I listened to voices 

leading me further away from Him

I had to come to the end of myself

Desperation birthed in me 

a hunger to know this Jesus intimately

When I touched the hem of His garment

He touched me in ways

I have never imagined

For the first time I experienced 

what the word “love” really meant

When I touched Him

my shame disappeared

His love raced through my body

Filling every crack with His liquid love

In an instant I was made whole

He restored not only my body

but every corner of my broken heart

I could not go back wearing my mask

after experiencing His extravagant love

I would encourage you

to hunger and thirst after 

an encounter with Jesus

He will show Himself faithful

in your deepest pain and shame

Ask His daughter’s all over the earth

how one encounter in His presence

can change your life forever

~ Ebigale Wilson