I heard Your voice 

when my world

caved in around me

When darkness tried 

to steal my future

When I was at my lowest

I heard You say “Surrender

Trying to put my broken heart at ease

Trying to put my bruised ego to rest

I didn’t want to listen

because how could I surrender?

When all I had, I lost

Nothing to hold on to

Still I couldn’t bring myself 

to give You, what was of no 

value in my hands

Years came and they went

Yet I couldn’t let go

I sunk deeper into despair

Pain part of my every move

Written all over my face

Flowing from my mouth

Would I ever taste freedom?

Would I ever know love?

Would I ever be free 

from these demons haunting me?

You followed me through

my darkest nights

You pursued me 

when I begged 

You to give up

You had hope, when I did not

You had faith, when I gave up

You saw my future

When I clung to my past

I never knew that Your love 

had the ability to break down my barriers

All my life I had been searching 

for something or someone to fill 

this void within

Had unrealistic expectations 

of people who were also in search

To be known

To be loved

Craving for something 

to calm the storms within

In a distance, I could hear You

Though I didn’t want to believe

That You saw me

That You heard me

That You knew me

I could feel the enemy drawing me in

The atmosphere was loaded

Heaven and hell in a battle, 

but don’t You always win?


I’ll be ready when you fall

Into My arms of love

I have paid the price 

You don’t have to walk alone

Empty handed, it is ok

Surrender and give it all away

Don’t cling to your past

There is hope in surrender

There is faith in surrender

There is victory in surrender

Surrender, is for the brave ones

You will find everything you need 

when you come to the end of yourself

Supernaturally I will invade 

all the broken places in your life 

and make you whole

It’s time my child 

Don’t limit the extent 

of My love at work in your life

You will find that when 

you are weak

I am strong

When you let go 

I will take control

There is beauty in surrender

~ Ebigale Wilson