My Life 

May my life be 

an avalanche

of Your love

Flowing like waves 

into people’s lives

Crossing every border

Erasing every stop sign

Till every person has 

an encounter with 

the One called love

Drawing them closer

To the Giver of life

May my life be 

a fountain 

of Your waters unending

That quenches every thirst 

and hunger within

Flowing like billows 

into people’s lives

So that the weary and lost 

can draw from You

And never again thirst 

for what cannot satisfy

May shackles fall 

and bondages break

May hearts be healed 

and lives restored

When they drink from You 

and never thirst again

May my life be 

an artwork

portraying You

May no one see me

but only You

As all the different colours 

of Your heart covering me

Bringing forth more 

of Your love in me

May my life be 

an expression of a surrendered life

Dying daily at the cross

Touching every weary soul

crossing my path

Leaving Your fingerprints 

all over each life

May they see only You

As I fade in the background

May my life be

a mosaic 

of Your grace and love

May I love on the forgotten 

and rejected ones

May they taste Your kindness 

and deep mercy for them

You specialize in putting broken lives 

together again

I pray that each human being

would have encounters 

with Your love

Discovering how real You are

Discovering their identity in You

Forever mesmerized and overtaken

by the different facets 

of Your love for them

~ Ebigale Wilson 

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