ANew View 

2 months ago I was contacted and propositioned for an opportunity that I had not really given serious thought of. 

My husband reminded me recently that indeed part of this opportunity was something I have always dreamed of and love to do already. 
Funny thing, it was something some of my friends and I joked about doing too a few years ago. 

After much prayer and asking the Lord for the “mercy of confirmation” if this was indeed something He has set up for me…

I had 3 to 4 people prophecy directly to me regarding this “opportunity” that I was weighing out… and then while gone last week I had numerous “God Winks” to confirm this indeed is a opportunity designed by God for me and my Restored Ministries team. 

So I am beyond excited to announce Restored Ministries has accepted and will be doing a new TV show called “ANew View” with KBN – Kingdom Broadcasting Network. We start production end of the month and the first show will air 9/2/17.  

Don’t worry-I will get everyone all the details on what platforms and air times on how you can catch our new show. 

Thank you to all of my powerful prayer partners, friends and family that have supported us. 
            ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

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