Set Free 

I looked at her

Her past written all over her face

No joy

No peace

No love

Her face reflects the pain she endured, 

for as long as she can remember

A life full of hurt

Scars not healed

Her heart still bound by chains

Her body bowed low by shame

No one took the time to 

pause by her for a while

She is not free to embrace 

the future luring her in

He whispers her name

Ever so gently

He knows she is bruised 

in so many ways

She does not know her worth

How precious she is

How deeply she is loved

She listened for too long to the 

voice of the enemy

Numbing her

Holding her captive

Ruling her heart and her mind

Keeping her bound in the past

She was made to slay giants

She was made to gain ground

She was made to face her fears

She was made to win each battle 

coming her way

I walk past many of her kind

All with a story of hurt and betrayal

But I never stop to linger for a while

What would people say if I, 

a godly women keep company 

with the wrong crowd

I forgot I was her not too long ago

Trapped in my mind, heart and soul

Ruled by fear and not freedom

Ruled by hate and not love

Ruled by the ghosts of my past, 

that would not let me go

Till someone looked past my mask 

into my eyes

Saw the pain I try to hide

Took me in and showed me 

that the love of the Father 

can forever change my story

Now when I look at her

I see the glory of God covering her

His love radiates from her

She lights up when she 

shares her story of freedom 

and discovering His

all consuming love for her

His love had the power 

to rewrite her story

She discovered herself when she found Him

She laid her past down to be One with Him

She carries the fragrance of heaven 

wherever she goes

His name is engraved on her lips

She now works for her King

Gathering His hurting daughters 

to experience His redeeming love for them

To be Set Free 

~ Ebigale Wilson