The Invitation 

Many of My sons and daughter’s

were called to the wilderness

Away from the crowd

My voice their only guide

Invitations went out

Few were accepted 

For some the price was too high

They could not surrender to My will

Their flesh shouted louder still

In the wilderness away from 

everything familiar

Deep cleansing I have done

Under the wilderness sun

Heart surgery was necessary

To break the hold of the enemy

from all that have kept them bound

At times they wanted to give up

At times they missed their comfort zone

At times the purification process 

took all their energy

But they pushed through

Giving up was never an option

They knew My love would pull them through

Intimacy with Me, 

made them stronger 

day by day

They worshiped 

when warfare was intense

They prayed in their heavenly language 

when all hell broke loose

Giving up was never an option

This battle was to be won

They kept their focus

They held their position

They were not moved by 

the pictures the enemy painted 

They were moved by what they 

saw in the Spirit

They bathed in oils of myrrh

Till there was no trace of them 

Their flesh had to die a thousand deaths

Till all I could see was My glory shining through

Till all I could smell was my love on them

The sound of My voice on their lips

The fragrance of heaven all over them

There is always a price to pay

My anointing is not for free

You have to go through processes

Till you are more like Me

Your character is important

Your heart, should mirror Mine

That’s why I take My son’s and daughter’s 

on these adventures

To unlock what is dead inside

To leave what’s of no use behind

I want to put you on display, 

but dying daily will be part of your journey

The wilderness will be your fruitful place

I will become your closest companion

Together we will run this race.

The Invitation 

~Ebigale Wilson 

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