My Precious Ruby 

My beauty, you are My Ruby 

worth more than the one you’ve 

been given as your birthstone. 

My precious Ruby, 

you shine beyond the story 

you’ve assigned to yourself.

In your heart is a story 

I long to tell through you. 

It may not be in the fashion you think 

and if you allow Me to tell your story

I promise you, My love 

that it will not only set you free, 

but many.

I will give you a new white stone 

and in the receiving of these gifts 

I am asking you to give them away;

giving the most beautiful gift 

of all is within your heart. 

For in you I have placed many talents 

and if you’ll allow Me 

to embrace your heart 

I shall take you places 

you never thought possible. 

May I have the key to your heart 

to unlock the gifts yet to be received? 

In giving of all that’s within you 

so shall you receive the rewards 

that you’ve longed for. 

My darling, time is of the essence 

and so I am asking you to begin 

a journey with Me.

I am asking you to place your hand 

in Mine and let Me take the lead. 

Will you begin to let go 

of all that’s kept you locked up for so long? 

Will you allow Me to 

set your soul free in worship 

and to put your spirit 

into My hands 

that will in turn free you 

to live life again with purpose 

and with intention? 

When you can say Yes, Lord 

Here I Am to Worship You 

and bow down and praise. 

Holding on in the midst 

of the unknown 

yet trusting I have got you 

under My wings 

and ready to set your heart free. 

For your soul to be fully free 

to laugh again 

to love again 

and dance again 

with Me, Your Father. 

~ Fiona Jackson 

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