Amazing LoveĀ 

I want to know You intimately

Every facet of Your heart

I want to explore

I want to go deeper and deeper with You

Past every obstacle keeping me from You

There must be more than the normal I live 

You are the God of the bible

You don’t do normal

I want to be one of Your history makers

A planet shaker running with You

Be known for exploring 

uncharted territories with You

Be known for a water walking faith 

that could only be found in knowing You

I want to be mesmerised only by You

Always hungry for Your presence, 

captured by Your gaze

The waves can go higher, 

but so will my faith

We will be unstoppable in running this race

You will say that I can

and I will believe

That I am more than my past

and all my mistakes

You have created me to be extraordinary

An atmosphere changer

Who drips with your oil

Releasing Your fragrance 

wherever I go

To let go of my past 

and run with You

You are the God of second chances

Your love heals all my broken places

You love the unlovely

You pursue the outcast

You love the prodigal back to life

Back to Your heart

To be One with You

No other god compares to You

When I found You

My broken heart

Became alive

I found myself

When I found You

I am Your daughter

Enslaved by You

I’ll go where You lead

I am in love with You

Your voice my compass

Your gaze my focus

Forever I am overtaken by You

Now that I know 

how much I am loved

I am totally free to run with You

Everything I need I find in You

I can do whatever You say I can

You are my strength

You are my joy

The One who fights for me

You quiet me with Your

Amazing Love

Nothing in this world compares

with knowing You

~ Ebigale Wilson