My Everything 

Love that would reach 

past my deepest despair

Love that would see past 

the prodigal I have become

Love that looked past 

my sin and mistakes

To what I could become

He drew me in 

when I wanted to run

He drew me in 

when I clung to my past

He drew me in

He wouldn’t let go

I have gone too far, 

or so I believed

No one took the time 

to tell me it’s a lie

For years I sunk 

deeper into sin

Further and further

I drifted from His light

Past hopelessness

Past broken dreams

Shame and guilt like shadows, 

leading me further away 

from the Light

Torturing me with the 

ghosts of my past

Torturing me by the choices

I chose to make

Alone with no way of escape

I sunk deeper

I chose to believe the enemies lies

He lost his grip on me

The day Love got a hold of me

He lured me in

Captured me

Till I didn’t want to break free

He set me on a path

Of knowing Him

Amidst the daily battles I fight

Amidst the enemy pleading his plight

I have to discern whose voice 

will be louder

If I want to grow

If I want to win

If I want to meet 

one day with my King

Even when my fears want to win

When the enemy paints pictures 

of losing the battle

He invites me to run 

on waves with Him

Deeper and deeper we go

Till I surrender and let faith win

Past my fears that have kept me 

in chains for years

Past my shame that told me 

I am worthless

Past my pain that kept me in bondage for years

So that only His will, will be done in my life

He loves His son’s and daughter’s

A love that could never be compared 

by the good we have done

He will go down the gutter to

be One with us

Break every barrier

Erasing whatever keeps us 

from experiencing His heart

Nothing compares when we find Him

He is the light on my path

The air that I breath

The love of my life

My everything

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Image – Elena Kelis – Pinterest