Found And Free 

I was lost, but now I’m found.  

Blind, but now I see.  

Enslaved to the past, but now free.  

Broken, but now mended.  

Fearful, but now fearless.  

Anxious, but given peace.  

Alone, but now He’s with me always.  

Tired, but given new strength.  

Depressed, but now He’s lightened my burden and shown me that this life is worth living because it was worth Him dying so I could live this life abundantly; without regret, without fear holding me back.  

I may be my worst enemy, 

but God is my greatest friend, 

and because He’s greater in His strength 

than I am in mine, He’ll defeat me with His love and kindness and show me that 

when I’m weak, He is strong to deliver me from myself and the enemy’s grip on my life.  

As death is knocking on my door, 

so is God and his knock is louder than the enemy’s; the one who wants to kill, steal, and destroy me.  

Christ came so I might have life and have it abundantly.  

So, why have I not taken advantage of it before now?  
Because I was once deaf to His voice, blind to the light, and allowed the enemy to take me captive into a deep, miserable, and painful place of enslavement to that which God had freed me from even before I was born because as He hung on the cross He said, “IT IS FINISHED.” 

Those words encompass all that I have done, am doing, and will do in the future that doesn’t align myself with God. 

But because He is a loving God, 

He will keep showing up to grasp my hand and help me stand when I fall for the things of this world.  
I know I can’t fill the void inside with anything or anyone outside of God, for God created me with this void that ONLY He can fill.  
I want Him in my life more than this world has place.  

I want my life to be in align with God; 

a mind set on His will and plan for me, 

thoughts that are of Him, 

a heart that loves as Christ loved me, 

words that speak life, 

and actions that are pleasing to my heavenly Father.  
What He did for me at the cross I could never repay, but He gave me this life and these gifts and talents; what I choose to do with them for His kingdom is my gift back to Him.  

So, may I let go of fear holding me back from all that God has for me, and let God lead me into the way of the everlasting.

~ Bethany Anne 

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