A Heart Of Gold 

What is God looking for as he searches our hearts and minds? 
What do we look for as we involve ourselves with others? 
May I suggest that one thing that we have in common with God is that we are all looking for a heart that cares, a heart of gold.

There are many things that find their way into the hearts of men, some good and some bad.  
I would suggest that what is most precious in the eyes of God and even in our sight is when we discover someone that is genuinely interested in us, someone that is willing to share our pain and our joys. Such a person does not come along every day, and we should cherish them when we find them. Even more should our hearts be knit together with Our Father and Our Lord as we learn just how deeply they care about us.

The heart of God, which he is so willing to share with us, rejoices in good men and women and children. His heart is extremely gentle and kind toward those that love him and fear him. And he rejoices in every baby step of ours, every sign of life, every whisper of goodness that begins to grow in our hearts.  

We might mistakenly believe that he only rejoices in our major victories and grand accomplishments, when in reality he delights in every sign of progress that he sees in us. Sometimes we are not moved until we see perfection in another. Our Father values growth and every indication of a maturing heart and mind; he is pleased that we have heeded his call and have begun to grow up into Christlike men, women, and children.

In heaven, we will all be perfectly glorified and conformed to the image of Christ. While we are here, we are always growing and learning new lessons about life, love, and Our Heavenly Father, who is the source of our life and love. Let us celebrate the journey, even as we keep our eyes on the prize, which is Christ Jesus himself!

~ Brad Heilhecker