The Hidden Bride 

Encounters with Your love 

has brought me to this place

Where I am bare

Stripped of my old self

Turned upside down

I ran into Your love for me

I ran into Your heart for me

I am forever wrecked

I will never be the same

I cannot go back to a life without You

You turned my life around

A new beginning awaits me

Religion was my safe place 

for far too long

I knew about You, 

but I had never known You

I had to see You with my own eyes

Experience Your presence for myself

I could not go on hearsay anymore

Keep myself busy with trivial things any longer

I had to go on this journey of love with You

I was created to experience 

Your divine love for myself

Created to seek You at any cost

I couldn’t stay the same person

After I ran heart first into You

Your love for me

My ego had to go

Pride had to run

Dying in many areas 

was part of my daily process

I missed the point of displaying You 

to a dying world

Sent wrong signals out

Judged other’s

Hurt Your creation,

whom You love so deep

All in the name of religion

Help me to represent You 

in every aspect of my life

Seek Your face at every account

Know Your heart in every matter

I want to be so hidden in You 

that I am not seen, but only You

Take away my pride and arrogance

Till all people can see is 

Your glory covering me

I want to love like You do

Forgive like You do

Show mercy and grace like You

I want others to experience 

Your heart beating through me

It is all about You

You are the Potter

I am the clay

Break me and mold me

Till I represent You

Though we hurt and reject You

Your love for us is fearless

Your heart for us relentless

Our whole being is consumed 

by Your love for us

We cannot be the same after 

we have encountered Your love

You never give up on us

Follow us through 

the darkest of nights

Look for us when we run away

Point us to the cross 

and You take our shame away

Dispels all our fears

Till we are forever hidden in You

~ Ebigale Wilson  

The Hidden Bride 

    The Journey