No Need To Worry 

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself; sufficient for today is today’s trouble.  

It is enough to abide with Christ sufficiently that we allow him to guide us through today’s trials, that we allow him to give us the wisdom for the myriad decisions that must be made each day; that we allow him to comfort us in all of life’s inevitable sorrows; that we allow him to infuse us with his joy; and that we allow him to love through us.

God is the great I Am; we find him in each and every precious moment. He is not interested in giving us wisdom and strength for tomorrow’s trouble. For one thing, tomorrow is significantly shaped by what we allow Our Father to work in us today. If we walk with him faithfully today, then tomorrow he can guide us even further along in our faith walk. If we love well today, he will help us love even better tomorrow.

Conversely, if we fail to trust God today, we will have today’s lessons to be repeated again tomorrow, until we acquire whatever virtue that Our Father is trying to develop in us. He is relentless and very patient in his teaching. Make no mistake; he is much more patient and long suffering than we are. He will let us suffer in our resistance as long as it takes for us to finally acquiesce and capitulate, agreeing to do his will, his way, in his good time.

The opposite of worry is childlike trust. What if our children came to us persistently with tomorrow’s issues? Wouldn’t we rather that they came to us in deep trust and peace, wanting only to be with us today and to let us guide them in their daily disciplines? Wouldn’t we rather that they learn to stay in the moment, enjoying and savoring each day’s unique opportunities and satisfying experiences?

The truth is that tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. We live breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat, thought to thought, prayer to prayer. Tomorrow will be of little concern, even in eternity. If we are then going to be immortal, and we are, we will have millions times millions of days in which to worship and serve Jesus. We will only be concerned with beholding him and pleasing him in each and every moment.  

Each tomorrow will hold only ever increasing wonder, bliss, and love.

 ~ Brad Heilhecker