Faith In Action 

Adversity is after you

You locking eyes

You want to run

You have no strength

You are bruised and weak

Too many battles, little strength

You feel like you’re the haunted one

That the enemy is never done

On and on he goes

It would be so much easier to run and hide

So much easier than to leave your mark

Then you hear His still small voice

Don’t give up!

Don’t give in!

You’ve come to far

Gone through too much

Won many battles

Please don’t give up!

Faith rise up within

You lock eyes with your King

You put your war song on 

You dance and worship

You praise and pray

You find the rhythm of His heart

Till you are aware of only Him

He rules your heart

He rules your mind

His voice forever calms your storms

You fight these battles one by one  

You can’t stop now

For if you would, future generations will be haunted with what you didn’t overcome

Your lessons learned will be their wisdom

Your lessons learned will grow their faith

Your lessons learned will catapult them into 

His arms of grace

They would want to know this God

Who carried you through the darkest nights

This God that stood by you when everyone left

They saw how your love for Him grew day by day

How you were mesmerised by His sweet love

They saw you facing battles unknown to many

Saw how His love for you made you brave

They saw how in the midst of pain and struggle

You arose above it, captivated by the gaze of your Beloved

They saw faith in action, day by day

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Lead Image – Pinterest