Warrior Daughter 

Do not fear my daughter

I am always with you

When you go through the valley of death

I am your rear guard

The One who never leaves

I see the fragile look on your face

The tear stains on your cheeks

How you smile, when you want to scream

How you laugh, when you want to give up

You never let go of My hand

Through the darkest of nights

When the enemy whispers lies in your ears

Trying to convince you to let go of My hand

You hold on with all of your might

Curled up like a baby

Singing your favourite love song to Me

You never let go when he tells you to

Instead you draw nearer to My presence

You know that I am your safe place

The One who fights for you

You never retreat 

You face the enemy head on

You worship, you dance, you pray, you war!

For in your battle plan

You have learned when to rest

While I do the work

I salute you

For never giving up, when you could

For seeking my face, when all hell breaks loose

For running to Me

When the demons of your past try to revisit you

You never let fear have his way in your life

You know how to silence the worst of storms

Giants fall when you take your place

Your thoughts in line with Mine

Your words echoing My voice

Your ear alert for My whispers

You’re so focused on your assignments

No time for demons stealing futures

You defend the weak and stand up for the poor

You are My warrior daughter

Trained in the worst of conditions

Many times you thought that you would die

While I saw you win battle after battle

Defeating giant after giant

Gaining ground in My kingdom

Many times crying and limping

But you persevered

The scars on your frail body 

A distant memory of battles won

It didn’t hurt

It made you brave

It didn’t silence you

You have discovered your voice

You clung to me

When it would have been easier to let go

Giving up was never in your vocabulary


You reached for Me, when other’s would let go

I am your Commander

The One who goes before you

The processes are necessary

The battles are necessary

You have discovered your identity 

In the midst of it all

Your heart the evidence of a warrior 

That is One with Me

My purposes for you was found in your deepest pain

On the battleground you became fearless and bold

The enemy though that he would take you out

Instead he launched you into your purposes

You are ready to step out

You are ready to reign with Me

You will set the world alight

Tell all my daughter’s

That I am found in the midst of their storms.

~Ebigale Wilson